Compassionate Behavioral Health

Our commitment is to treat you and your family with a welcoming heart, provide compassion and understanding in time of need and offer hope and help through the provision of excellent care.

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Our clinicians provide counseling, therapy, consultation, assessment and testing for all ages in convenient, welcoming environments. Clinics are locations in Michigan and Iowa. Outpatient therapy is also available via teletherapy in Michigan and Iowa.

Addiction & Substance Use Disorders

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Pine Rest offers a full continuum of addiction services that range from residential detoxification to traditional outpatient services. All of the service components in the continuum welcome those who also have mental health disorders. With one call, we can guide you through the process of inquiry, assessment and admission to the most appropriate level of care.

Psychiatric Urgent Care Center

Questions and call ahead for same-day appointments. Walk-ins welcome.

LOCAL 616.455.9200

TOLL FREE 800.678.5500

The center is designed to provide immediate assessment and treatment for adults age 18-65 experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms who cannot wait for routine outpatient intervention.


Admissions and Questions

LOCAL 616.455.9200

TOLL FREE 800.678.5500

TTY 616.281.6446

Inpatient care is short-term, intensive treatment provided in safe and secure units designed for individuals who are experiencing significant behavioral health issues, the severity of which requires 24/7 monitoring and care for safety.

Wondering if inpatient services are necessary? Give us a call! Our Contact Center is staffed 24/7 with licensed clinicians trained to discuss each individual’s unique situation and determine the appropriate level of treatment required.

Patient Admissions Experience

Partial Inpatient

Admissions and Questions

LOCAL 616.455.9200

TOLL FREE 800.678.5500

TTY 616.281.6446

Partial Hospitalization (Day) Programs are suited for individuals who are experiencing behavioral health symptoms which cannot be adequately treated in a traditional outpatient setting, but are not severe enough to require 24/7 monitoring for safety.

Wondering if a partial hospitalization program is the appropriate level of care? Give us a call! Our Contact Center is staffed 24/7 with licensed clinicians trained to discuss each individual’s unique situation and determine the level of treatment best suited to meet the person’s needs.

Community & Residential

Referral or Access to Services

LOCAL 616.281.0061

Pine Rest provides a great number of community and residential services including access to care, support and programming for persons with mental illness, substance use disorders and developmental disabilities. Our outreach programs work with many community organizations to provide support to those who have less access to care.

Employee Assistance Programs

The Pine Rest Employee Assistance Programs include critical incident response, counseling & therapy (crisis line, in person and teletherapy), assessment for substance use, elder care consultation, legal consultation, financial consultation, leadership training workshops, onsite educational presentation, management consultation and access to the Personal Advantage Web library thousands of articles on health and wellness, financial, legal and much more. Specialized programs are available for faith-based organizations and educational institutions.

Behavioral Health Solutions

Pine Rest has been working alongside medical organizations helping them fill the gaps in behavioral health services for more than a dozen years.

Consult. Staff. Manage. Partner. Support. Build. And more. We work well with primary care practices, hospitals, management groups and health plans.

With MyChart, you can communicate with your care team, request prescriptions refills, manage appointments, pay your bill online and more!

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  • Mon Jun 24th 2019 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    Adult Healthy Living Group (Campus Clinic)

    Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, Grand Rapids MI

    Designed to meet the needs of individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or mood regulation problems, this Adult Healthy Living Group is held weekly on Mondays at Pine Rest's Campus Clinic.
  • Mon Jun 24th 2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    Tired mother holding baby

    Anchored in Hope Postpartum Therapy Group

    Pine Rest Portage Clinic, Portage MI

    This group provides therapy, education and support for moms who are struggling with sleep issues, feeling overwhelmed, feeling isolated or alone, having increased anxiety, feeling guilt, sadness or irritability during the postpartum period.
  • Mon Jun 24th 2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    Recovery Groups at the North Shore Clinic

    Pine Rest North Shore Clinic, Spring Lake MI

    These groups support individuals who are struggling with addiction, 18 years or older, helping them with early core recovery skills, relapse prevention skills, building support networks, managing difficult emotions and behaviors, and other skills necessary to secure and maintain recovery.
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