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Pine Rest Annual Report

Our mission calls us to be always thinking about improving access to behavioral health services—making it easier for people to receive care that will alleviate their suffering. Today that means providing better access to care through programs that are available in a timelier manner, in a more convenient location, and positioned for the best outcomes. Our breadth of talent and resources position us perfectly to contribute to research that can help establish new treatments and provide better outcomes to patients. We strive for not just access to services…but access for everyone to wellness and hope.

2018 Annual Report



A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT & CEO 2018 Annual Report Cover

If you read local, state and national news stories around mental health, you will find a common theme: problems around access to care are contributing to a great deal of suffering and even tragedy in our country. All too frequently individuals and families struggling with a mental health challenge can’t find a provider, inpatient bed or other necessary services in a timely manner. Emergency departments in acute care hospitals become the default place where behavioral health crisis are managed, often without the staff or facilities to provide what individuals in crises need.

Several years ago the Pine Rest Board of Directors developed a vision relevant to our national crisis of care: that Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services would solve the behavioral health access problem in the communities we serve, through partnerships. The annual report that follows is a glimpse into the ways in which we are striving to achieve that vision.

Creating solutions that solve behavioral health access problem demands an enormous amount of creativity and willingness to think differently about how we provide care. Just 40 years ago, if you had a behavioral health issue, Pine Rest could offer you an extended inpatient stay and relatively little else in the way of care. But today our outpatient clinic network is among the largest in the country, and telehealth is making psychotherapy and psychiatry accessible to even more individuals who need them. Our recent investments in new programs, such as an inpatient unit designed for adolescents and young adults, and training for psychiatry residents and physician assistants, will improve access to care for generations to come.

But we cannot solve the behavioral health access problem alone. Central to our vision statement is that we will work to increase access through partnerships. This means we are always looking for opportunities to work with collaborative organizations to create solutions that neither of us could do by ourselves—collaborations with acute care health care systems, employers or the faith community to name a few.

Solving the behavioral health access problem is a huge goal, but one that is central to our Mission. I invite you to look through this annual report to see how we are attacking this problem. We are well on our way. The methods change, scientific advances bring new hope every day to those suffering from mental illnesses, but the compassion motivating the care continues in a two thousand year tradition. Thank you for your support of Pine Rest’s effort to Open Doors.

Mark Eastburg, PhD
President & CEO