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Pine Rest Annual Report

Our mission calls us to be always thinking about improving access to behavioral health services—making it easier for people to receive care that will alleviate their suffering. Today that means providing better access to care through programs that are available in a timelier manner, in a more convenient location, and positioned for the best outcomes. Our breadth of talent and resources position us perfectly to contribute to research that can help establish new treatments and provide better outcomes to patients. We strive for not just access to services…but access for everyone to wellness and hope.

2017 Annual Report

OPENING DOORS: Finding Solutions. Creating Opportunities.


Annual Report 2017 Cover
The origins of the healthcare system as we know it are humble.

Almost two thousand years ago during the Roman era there was no formal healthcare for the common person. If a person was wealthy enough to afford a physician, a house call might be available. But if you were a person of modest means, you were mostly on your own.

Enter a group of passionate believers—mostly commoners themselves—who took seriously the call to treat everyone with compassion, to continue the healing ministry of Jesus, to look at everyone as bearing the image of God. They organized, sought people suffering from diseases and illnesses and many times visited their homes, cared for them on the streets or brought them into their own homes. The care was humble, mostly supportive in an era before medical advances, but it sent a powerful message about the dignity of all persons.

To deliver the care, they needed to Open Doors. Open the Doors of their own homes. Walk through the threshold of the Open Doors of the homes of those suffering. And so the healthcare system as we know it today had its origins by actively seeking out those who were suffering.

This annual report describes the ways in which Pine Rest has sought to continue this tradition of seeking those who suffer to improve access to care. Whether it is a new hospital facility that creates an inviting, respectful atmosphere or the use of technology to bring teletherapy services to those in remote areas, the goal is the same: Open the Doors to care. Solve the behavioral health access problem in the communities we serve. Show hospitality.

The methods change, scientific advances bring new hope every day to those suffering from mental illnesses, but the compassion motivating the care continues in a two thousand year tradition. Thank you for your support of Pine Rest’s effort to Open Doors.

Mark Eastburg, PhD
President & CEO