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Active Shooter Survival: Protecting Your House of Worship

Active Shooter Survival: Protecting Your House of Worship


Active Shooter Survival: Protecting Your House of Worship

The review of Active Shooter incidents at malls, manufacturing facilities, health care, offices, houses of worship, colleges, schools and public settings have suggested preventive activities to increase employee and stakeholder survival. This training will focus on helping houses of worship to understand “best practices” and to develop strategies to prepare for, train to survive, and recover from active shooter and workplace violence incidents.

This program is designed to encourage participants to understand vulnerabilities to violent threats, litigation exposures and strategies to review and enhance their existing health and safety program’s capabilities and preparedness to stop active intruders / shooters. Defensive and personal survival options and strategies will be suggested.

Tactical staff self-protection and survival choices will be suggested through analysis of videos of active shooter incidents

Pre-registration deadline is July 30, 2019. Seating is limited.

Questions:  Contact Jo Carlson at 616-281-6363, Ext. 5753, or by email


Registration: 1:00pm – 1:30pm

Presentation: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Target Audience

Pastors, Church Leaders, Security Teams, and Church Administrators


  1. Active Shooter Issues for Houses of Worship
  2. Attacks Against Houses of Worship
  3. Who are the Perpetrators?
  4. Situational Awareness – What to Look For
  5. Early Warning Signs and Pre- Attack Behaviors of Concern
  6. Intervention Strategies with Aggressive Individual
  7. Establishing A House of Worship Security Program and Team
    • Training Clergy Staff
    • Board Members
    • Volunteers / Ushers
    • The Safety Team
    • Religious School Personnel /Teachers
    • Security Survey and Emergency Alert Notification
    • The Congregation
    • Partnerships with Law Enforcement
  8. Active Shooter Survival


Ken Wolf, PhD

KENNETH WOLF, PH.D. has conducted Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment trainings for the United States Postal Service, UAW-General Motors, UAW, Chrysler, Eaton Corporation, Intel, DTE Energy, Pinkerton, the United States Army, Los Alamos National Laboratory, municipalities, Fortune 500 companies, schools, Houses of Worship, and health care facilities.

He was an on-site responder to two United States Post Office shootings, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the World Trade Center Terrorist Attack. His company assists organizations develop Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Systems, Exercises, Crisis Recovery Programs and Crisis Exercises, through a MIOSHA CET Grant.

Printer-friendly Active Shooter Training flyer

Sponsored by: Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, The Incident Management Team and The Center for Workplace Violence Prevention MIOSHA CET Division.